Nothing definition, no thing; not anything; naught: to say nothing. Nothing definition: Nothing means not a single thing, or not a single part of something. Today, apropos of nothing, Doug announced that he likes music, particularly classic rock. Here are some examples. 24+2 sentence examples: 1. Unemployment lead 4. 2. mean? See more. Holding grudges can only make us unhappy and nothing else. Waaaaa! 3. Sentence Examples. In the United States, sentencing law varies by jurisdiction. 1 people chose this as the best definition of nothing: Nothing is defined as no... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. There was nothing … Nothingness definition is - the quality or state of being nothing: such as. Reasoning is nothing but the faculty of deducing unknown truths from principles already known. A man who is lazy can achieve nothing in life. Examples of Sentence: Q: What does "what's going on up there is nothing short of rocket science." What is an example of a long sentence that ultimately says nothing? He has experience, to say nothing of scholarship. If you let it, life can become nothing more than a crying game that is void of accountability and void of responsibility. . not anything; not existing. How to use nothingness in a sentence. But it's completely absurd to call me up and demand, apropos of nothing at all, to know whether I'm special or not. She said nothing. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Nothing" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Nothing" in various phrases and sentences. The birthday girl was upset when she realized that there was nothing inside the empty gift bag. nothing in a sentence. Nothing succeeds like success. Police looked for clues near the crime scene but found nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't much for three years' work, to say nothing of the money it had cost. Definition of Sentence: “A combination of words that makes a complete sense is called a sentence.” - J.C. Nesfield “A group of words which makes a complete sense is called a sentence” - Wren & Martin An English sentence is a group of words containing at least one subject and one verb that constructs a sensible unit of language.. Definition of Nothing. MEDITATI0 VII ULTIMA in qua Dei existentia et animæ immortalitas non demonstrabuntur. I absolutely know nothing about your background. Examples of Nothing in a sentence. No one, nobody, nothing, nowhere - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary I have nothing further to say. It would be an enormous amount of work, to say nothing of the cost. Since the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land, all sentences in the US must conform to the requirements of the Constitution, which sets basic mandates while leaving the bulk of policy-making up to the states.. : Waaaaa! Looking for sentences with "apropos of nothing"? : There is nothing quite like the affection of a transplanted New Yorker for his native concrete jungle.