Hi Nimrod, May binili po akong condominium unit sa Zitan Project na inisyuhan ko po ng post dated cheques. Question (answer in English please)… I am buying a lot under a Contract to Sell. Please help. im buying house and lot worth 440k?Thanks po. If it is a residential home on mortgage sale, the type of activities done by the tenant on the commercial property should be indicated in the commercial agreement. You may also see Marriage Contract Forms. yun lang at sana nakatulong ako sau. . Would you like to discuss this over the phone? Ang isasagot ko lang sana sau ay based on my work experienced sa isang real estate company so i guess Mr. Nimrod is the right person to ask regarding to your concern. 6% capital gains Partly in writing and partly orally 4. CONTRACT FOR SALE OF REAL STATE This Contract for Sale is made on 20 BETWEEN whose address is , referred to as the Seller, AND whose address is , referred to as the Buyer. 5% agent fee. Gusto kng malaman ang karapatan ko. I have few questions po; 1st, required po ba na inform si bank (mortgagee) about the selling? Your inputs will really be appreciated. And the transfer of ownership will only happen when those conditions are met. Use this template to create a sales contract. ang capital gain tax ay nasa 5% at yung DST mo which is 500K nasa 1.5%.. There’s no such rules as to lower per BIR is concerned for the payment of CGT and DST, for correction pla 6% yung capital gain tax, Exactly! This is, provided that the seller can readily deliver what he is selling. Original copy of Tax Declaration The agreement should be read carefully by the buyer after which it is signed by both parties indicating that the two are bound by it. Ano po kailangan ko sa broker upon signing contract to sell if wala po sa piliinas ung owner ng property? Hindi ko nababayaran ang taxes mula ng nabili ko. or half of it is refundable? would the unit be under my name legally or after fully paid thru bank pa like 25 yrs? Additional question lang po, so does this mean na ung 50K reservation totally non refundable na siya? After 9 months of paying the seller finally sent me the contract to buy and sell (CTBS). Just in case po ba na biglang di na tumupad si buyer na contract like example di sya naghulog dun sa bank loan forfeited po ba yung mga binayad nya or biglang binenta nya sa iba un condo without my knowledge? Property physical location and size of the property should always be indicated. @disqus_6nrXj44aXt:disqus, Yung Contract to Sell ini-execute lang yang ng developer kapag ang agreement nyong dalawa sa pagbili ng property ay installment basis. Kaso po humihingi pa ng “copies of legal documents/judicial judgments or orders of the estate of the deceased processed under national law or law of residence of the deceased, duly authenticated by the Phil embassy and original/certified true copy of the petition for the recognition of foreign judgment and original/certified copy of final judgment of Phil court recognizing the foreign judgment”. Who Prepares a Contract of Sale When Buying Property? San po kaya pede magpagawa ng contract to sell dito sa mandaluyong? Not always, since it depends on the actual agreement they signed. In a Contract of Sale, the ownership is transferred to the buyer right upon its execution. The agreement may also cover property that is the subject of such exchange by the vendor to the purchaser. then mag request ka ng document for the cancellation of annotation coming from seller or kung nasa bank yan mag request ka sa kanila. A sales contract is a written agreement between the buyer and the seller or customer for the purchase and sale of property. It just tells you that they probably don’t pay that much attention to the details. In the event the Buyer defaults or breaches this Agreement, the Seller has the right to confiscate all the payments under Clause 2, terminate this Agreement… in Is there a way na masolve ito without hiring lawyers and paying lawyers fees?Napaka mahal at malaking gastos po kasi. Appreciate your help. Magkano kaya ang aabutin ng taxes? same question as Gerald. a written document between a buyer who wants to purchase goods and a seller who owns those goods and wants to sell