There is also a bantam variety of chicken from the breed. Golden Campine. Minimum weight 55 grams. Some scholars consider the Braekel breed to be a Campine variety. Typically, several observable differences in the secondary sex characteristics of roosters and hens exist (as shown in Figure 1). Read more about Onagadori Chicken. Although, the Campine has evolved differently from the Braekel. It was bred mainly as a table bird. The Campine chicken is native to a less fertile district of Kempen. Dutch Bantam Chicken Characteristics. Some strains are good layers while others are reared mainly for meat. They are good fliers, mainly for their relatively large wings and light weight. They also tie the chicken’s tail with a silk ribbon to keep it in the best possible condition. ... Pictures Of Campine Chickens. They have a long, broad back and deep, full breast. Characteristics. The wings are fairly large in size and long. This breed of chicken is typically overlooked by a lot of breeders that, instead, are looking for chickens that mature faster, lay more eggs and better condition themselves to harsh climates. Sussex chickens have various colors and have a bantam version (about 1/4 of original). Chicken Breed Picture Bird Size lb. Characteristics of Braekel Chicken. Excellent laying hen, rustic. Size and Weight. He currently lives in a 10ft x 20ft run with a chicken house attached, and on sunny days he has the run of the yard (1/2 acre). The name reflects the area of Belgium / Holland where it was originally bred having been around for centuries. Their gold or silver heads dramatically transition to a beetle-green, pencil-feathered body, so it’s easy to see why they are darlings in chicken shows. They have single combs of moderate size. Genetically and anatomically, a chicken that has experienced sex reversal is still a hen, but it has secondary characteristics similar to those of a male. The skin and shell of the eggs are white. These medium-sized chickens are active, flashing in and out of beams of sunlight with a metallic gleam. These include the following distinctions: They have a high full breast, short backs and are upright little birds. And the most noticeable differences between the true Braekel and Campine are the hen-feathering of the rooster and the lower weight. They are very docile, they show some brooddness. Speckled Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed which originated in Sussex county, England in the early of 19th century. View this post on Instagram. Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics. Chicken breeds: Campine. Now this chicken breed is also popular in many countries. The Campine Chicken is an ancient breed available in both gold and silver coloration. Their wings are carried close to the body. It has similar ancestry and appearance to the larger Brakael. Braekel chicken breed is pretty similar to the Campine chicken. In 1914, American Poultry Association recognized this chicken in two varieties which are Silver and Golden. In 1914, the breed of chicken was added to the American Poultry Association standards after attaining the perfect breed. The Campine Chicken is categorized as the rarest chicken breed, the critically endangered chicken. Characteristics of Campine. CAMPINE BREED CHARACTERISTICS-- … 4. These chickens are among the smallest bantam chicken breeds. Ancient Belgian breed originating in Flanders. Physical Characteristics of Plymouth Rock Chicken: Plymouth Rock chickens are most common farm chicken. Egg Color and Size Cold Hardy Behavior Brooding/Best Coop Recommendation Egg Laying Campine 4-6 white no economical eater; semi-adaptable to confinement, but prefers free range; flyer; alert, lively; can be curious; some are rather wild, others can be quite tolerant of humans non setter Best Coop: 144" Large I hand raised him as a day old chick from the Monroe Farm & Feed (NPIP certified) and he is a healthy chicken.