Asparagus fern plants are great houseplants you can use to decorate your home. Asparagus plumosus NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Calathea Rufibarba – How to Care for Velvet Calathea, Calathea Makoyana Care Guide for Passionate Gardeners, Bird Of Paradise Plant Care – Watering, Lighting, Pests, And More, Calathea Zebrina – How to Grow Zebra Plant, Monstera Variegata – How to Care for Variegated Monstera, Rose-pointed Calathea – Calathea Roseopicta Care. Before you start propagating your Asparagus fern, you will need to prepare a bit, since there are different methods of growing it, so you will have to decide which one you want to use. In their natural environments, ferns grow down on the ground and receive dappled light through the foliage above them. Ever since the second half of the 19th century, Asparagus Fern has been considered as one of the most popular plants which you could grow and take care of in your own house. Growing asparagus fern indoors takes a little more effort. So if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on growing your plants, but you would still like to have some nice plants in your home – this one is for you! Securing the Plants During Division Process. It is relatively easy to take care of and it is not that demanding at all compared to some other indoor plants. Your plant should be ready to be put in a 6-inch pot by now if you have followed the steps so far. It's called a fern, but is actually a member of the lily family. It grows upright rather than sprawling. Apr 23, 2018 - Explore Nature's Trends's board "Asparagus Fern" on Pinterest. This is done to make sure that each division has the same amount of frond and roots because every division needs to have a proper amount of everything in order to survive. A fast-growing tropical perennial, asparagus fern is a virtually indestructible houseplant (or garden plant in warm climates). After that is done make sure that you divide the fronds to be as equal as possible. It was named for the German botanist, Carl Ludwig Sprenger (1846-1917). Asparagus fern spreads by bird-dispersed seeds and vegetatively by tubers, which sprout far from the main plant. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | About Author |Plant Selection Quiz | Write for us |Become an affiliate | Shop |Copyright © 2020 IndoorGardenNook. The first way of propagating asparagus fern is by using the seeds to do it. Asparagus aethiopicus, Asparagus densiflorus, Asparagus plumosus, Asparagus setaceus, and Asparagus virgatus are the species that come under this common name. The first thing you need to do is water the soil until it seems completely saturated in the first 3 inches, then leave it there during the night and make sure that roots are being very well hydrated. Before you start the division process, you need to prepare the plant for it. People were even then asking questions on how to propagate asparagus fern or can you start growing it from cuttings. Asparagus aethiopicus L. Asparagopsis densiflora Kunth Asparagus densiflorus (Kunth) Jessop Asparagus myriocladus Baker Asparagus sarmentosus L. Asparagus sprengeri Regel Protasparagus aethiopicus (L.) Oberm. Medium green, cascading foliage that will quickly fill a container can be expected when growing asparagus fern. The first thing you need to do in order to propagate asparagus fern properly is to make asparagus fern seeds a bit softer. If it is dry on the touch, then water it. Propagation. The first step in preventative control of asparagus fern is to limit planting and intentional spread of the species. Inform the public to refrain from purchasing, propagating, or planting asparagus fern due to it's ability to escape from cultivation and grow aggressively in natural areas. The cultivars 'Myers' and 'Spengeri' both were considered to be of this species but more recently have been separated with 'Spengeri' now listed as a cultivar of A. aethiopicus.